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Lucky jet is quite a well-known online game for money. Quickly growing in popularity the game Lucky jet from the provider 1Win Games is one of the leaders in the genre of “Crash Games”. Simple and interesting mechanics of the game allows even novice players to quickly get the hang of it in just one or two rounds and start winning money.

Lucky Jet has already surpassed its predecessor Aviator in popularity in the Crash Games genre. In 2023 many people already have an idea about Lucky Jet game. The game already has its nicknames such as “Flying Jet”, “Flying Racet”, “Rocket”, “SuperJet” and many others. The game offers a pleasant interface and big winnings.

Lucky jet game in 1win casino

Where to play Lucky jet

Play at Vavada Casino



Play Lucky jet in 1win casino



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Rules of the game – How to play

The rules of the game in Lucky jet are quite simple, so that the game has become in a short time popular. New players do not have to spend a lot of time studying the rules of the game. It is enough to get acquainted with the minimum and maximum bet amount, where to click to bet on the round and wait for the start of the round.

How to play Lucky jet

How to Start Playing Lucky Jet – Once you’ve placed your bet on a round, all you have to do is wait for the round to start. At the top of the screen there is a countdown to the start of the round. After that, the Super Jet takes off and the odds go up along with it. The player’s task is to have time to take the advantageous odds before the Flying Jet falls. The winning odds will be multiplied by the bet amount for the round.


To register in the game Lucky Jet and start playing it is not necessary to pass a separate registration in the game. Enough to go to the casino website and pass the standard registration. Which takes only a couple of minutes of time. Where you only need to specify a phone number and email address, and enter a strong password. Then you can go to the game Lucky jet Official Site and start playing.

Login to the Lucky jet personal cabinet

After the player has created an account in the casino. The next step is to log in to the personal cabinet. To do this, it is necessary to specify the data that were specified at the time of account creation. Once the player is authorized in the personal cabinet, he will have access to all the casino functionality – it is a game for money in the slots, live games, crash games and more. Replenishment and withdrawal, as well as participation in tournaments and promotions, receiving daily bonuses from the casino.

How to top up the balance

In order to start playing for money in Lucky jet – you need to deposit the balance of the casino. To do this, go to “Cashier”, then “Deposit” and select the payment method of the deposit. The most popular deposit methods are:

  • Bank card transfers
  • Recharging by card
  • Cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin, Etherium, Tron, USDT )

How to withdraw money from Lucky jet

Once a player has won at Lucky jet and wants to get his winnings from Lucky Jet. It only takes a couple of clicks to do this. First, you need to go to the section “Cashier”, then “Get the winnings” and choose a convenient way to get the winnings. Withdrawal from the casino is carried out in a short time. On average, it takes 1-3 hours, and the maximum may take up to 24 hours, depending on the payment system which takes the withdrawal.

Lucky Jet play for free

For players who want to start playing Lucky Jet, but do not want to risk on real money right away. Free mode of play, to do this it is necessary to press play in Lucky jet for free. After that opens a demo version of the game in which the player can play for fake money, so you can pass the time without risk, or develop their own tactics for the game in Lucky Jet. In the demo mode all the functionality remains the same, as in the game for real money.

play for demo mode game

Mobile version

Most players like to play Lucky jet from the phone. Specially for these players developers have implemented a convenient mobile version, so that players do not feel the slightest discomfort while playing from your phone. All the features are also available on the mobile version of the game. Also in 1win casino, the mobile version is fully implemented for the convenience of players, which gives the best comfort for fans to play from their smartphone.

Lucky Jet download for mobile phone

For full comfort and quick access you can download Lucky jet. But to do this, go to the casino’s official site 1win, then go to the section “Install application”. And follow further instructions to install the application. 1win casino gives you more bonuses for your download application to your phone and PC. Because of this, players will have an actual mirror casino to play in Lucky jet.

download 1win casino in your phone

Lucky jet signals

Signals in the game Lucky jet 1win is a new way of tactics from skilled players. There are two types of signals in the free access from experienced players. Which are called “Red” and “Green”. Both signals are only so-called tactics in the game Lucky jet, which are created by personal interests and developments. They do not guarantee 100% winnings in any way, neither do strategies or anything like that. Now we will describe both signals and how to play by signals in Lucky Jet.

  1. Red signal is a more risky signal in which the player puts two bets per round. In the first bet it is necessary to put on automatic collection of winnings at odds of 2.5. The second bet should be placed on automatic collection with odds of 2. Thus the player at least will not be in deficit, and in the best outcome will be in the plus of 2.5 times the amount of the total bet for one round.
  2. Green signal – this type of signal is less risky, but bringing less profit than the red signal. In this case it is necessary to bet on the autocollection at odds of 1.8, which falls much more often.

Strategies in Lucky Jet

Lucky Jets strategies for winning in Lucky Jets have become increasingly interesting to novice players. Before we talk about popular strategies in Lucky Jet – it is important to remind that the strategies and tactics for winning in Lucky Jet is only the development of the same players who are often lucky to follow such instructions. It can not guarantee constant winnings to players. The most popular strategies for winning at Lucky jet today are the well-known strategies “On the increase” and “Not risky winning tactics“.

  1. Strategy “On increase” – the strategy essence lies in the fact that the player determines the desired odds for winning. Let’s take coefficient 2 as an example. The player puts a bet of 50$ for a round and waits for the desired coefficient to fall out. If the player is unsuccessful, then the next round you need to put 100$ and again wait for the desired odds. And so for each round until the necessary odds are reached. In the end with each increase the player will in any case be in the plus.
  2. The Lucky Jet’s next popular strategy “No risk tactic to win” – this strategy for winning large sums requires a significantly long period of time. As the essence of the strategy is that the player bets for a round. The key point is that the player will not catch big multipliers, but will take his winnings at low odds, such as 1.4-1.5. Which fall out very often compared to others. Thus the player will get more profits on a long distance.
strategies in luckyjet games

Maximum winnings in Lucky Jet

To know what the maximum winnings in Lucky jet 1win for this, just go to the section “Large winnings”. The Lucky Jet winnings statistics is kept there. Thanks to it each player can see all possibilities of growth of odds. All players can see the biggest wins at Lucky jet for the whole day, week, month and all time. Statistics are also kept on all past rounds, so the player can create his game plan for future rounds.

Lucky jet winning schemes

Lucky Jet’s winnings schemes are a great way for experienced players to win. New gamblers are looking for ready schemes of winnings in Lucky jet today that guarantee 100% winnings. But unfortunately for these players such schemes does not exist, as well as any other scheme and strategies. These methods are only the guesses of players who can not guarantee a 100% winnings in the game for money. Lakijet 1win is based on a random number generator, thanks to which each result of the round is determined randomly.

Lucky Jet hack

Lucky jet hack is one of the most popular questions among inexperienced players. Many players are looking for where to download the hack of the game lucky jet. For these players we answer at once that such hacks do not exist. Lucky jet game is a certified product from 1win games provider, which has been licensed and passed many tests before releasing the game laky jet. Because of this, all players can be reassured of the fairness and transparency of the game. The player’s result can only depend on luck. But thanks to the mathematical mechanics of the game on the odds one way or another can make any miscalculations and create a plan for the game.


To read Lucky jet reviews honestly is not difficult for any user. Lucky Jet reviews of real Lucky Jet players can be easily found even by a novice player. Players share their achievements and winnings in Lucky jet due to their great popularity on many resources. Also many players share their tactics and hints in the game, which makes it easier for new players to get involved and understand the mechanics of the game. Once you’ve learned more about the game, you can start playing Lucky Jets for money.

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