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Crash game Aviator is the undisputed leader and the very first game of the crash game genre, thanks to which this section of games in online casinos has become popular. Already millions of users and hundreds of counterparts have filled online casinos to play for money in Aviator. For many players, crash games are still something new compared to the mechanics of slot machines at online casinos. The profit comes from the caught odds during the game. It happens in such a way that you put a bet and at the beginning of the game takes off and while he flies, the odds go up.

Game Aviator – every year continues to gain momentum in the gambling industry, as the genre of “Crash Games” is already rapidly gaining popularity for its extraordinary game mechanics. There are already similar games as Aviator, which have become very popular for cash games. The most popular Crash Games in casinos today are Lucky Jet, JetX, Rocket Queen, RocketX.

Aviator game will immerse you in an incredible atmosphere in the world of gambling, big winnings and cool emotions. Before you begin, we advise you to buckle down and start playing crash game AviatorGames for money on a flying airplane. Get a big win at Aviator in just a few seconds.

How to play Aviator

Start playing Aviator can even a beginner, because there is nothing complicated in the game, which is why the Aviator has gained such popularity in such a short time. You will need to specify the amount bet and wait for the start of the round. At the beginning of the round the plane takes off, and with it the odds go up. Your task is to catch the high odds, which will be multiplied by the amount of your bet. But the difficulty is that no one knows when the plane will fall, and if you don’t catch the odds before the plane falls, your bet will be lost.

how to play aviator game

During an active round the most important and the only button is “Take”. Your task is to keep the cursor on this button to have time to win big winnings in the Aviator game.

Game mechanics

Online game Aviator has no complicated game mechanics, great functionality and features during the game – this is the advantage of the game. No need to puzzle and figure out how to play Aviator for money. It’s enough to specify the amount bets, wait for the start of the round and click on the “Take” in time to get the coveted big winnings in the online game Aviator.

Aviator to play for money

Start playing for money in Aviator you can in online casinos in which the crash game Aviator. The minimum bet of 5 cents, and the maximum bet of $1000 at a time, but the game has no limits on the number of bets in one round. Thus, every willing player can put a few bets and rip big winnings in the game Aviator.

 Play Aviator for free

If you are not yet familiar with the game Aviator and do not want to immediately start playing Aviator for real money, you can first play for free in Aviator. To do this, just go to the demo mode Aviator and you can fully familiarize yourself with all the features and characteristics of the game without risking your money.

Aviator to play without registration

You can play Aviator without registration in free demo mode. This option is great for beginners who are interested in the game Aviator, but not yet ready to register at online casinos. Play Aviator without registration can be at any online casino where the game.

And if you’re already thinking about starting to play for real money, you will need to register at the casino. Each casino has a simplified registration form. You will only need to fill in a few fields and be able to start playing for real money in the Aviator.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the game Aviator has a user-friendly interface for all types of devices. While playing Aviator game from your phone, you will feel that there are no problems in the game for quality and convenient play for money in Aviator. In addition to the handy mobile version of the game itself, each casino has implemented quality and convenient mobile versions for every type of smartphone. Also many casinos have their own mobile applications that will give you even more convenience to play from your phone

Aviator download to your phone

How to download Aviator to your phone for free? Many people have this problem, but the fact is that there is no separate application for the game Aviator, as Aviator is located on online casino platforms. Therefore, you can download the game Aviator for free on your phone, in case you download the online casino app.

Strategies in the game Aviator

In most cases, many users are interested in the question – is there a strategy in the game Aviator for money? Most experienced players work out their own strategies through many hours of gaming sessions in the game Aviator. Spend more time in the game Aviator and create your top casino strategy and strategies in Aviator. But do not forget that the strategy is not a guarantee of 100% winning, but only the player’s own observations and hold such strategies only on their own speculation. Many people do not want to believe in luck and randomness, so created the relevance of the reality of different strategies and schemes of winnings in the Aviator.

Strategies in the game Aviator

Aviator winning schemes

Aviator winning schemes that will give you guaranteed winnings – unfortunately, we have to disappoint you here, but there are no winning schemes in Aviator. But you can always work out different tactics in Aviator that you can use to get your winnings somehow right when you’re playing for money. Do not waste your time looking for aviator hack and aviator hack, but just let your luck run wild.

Aviator game algorithm

To ensure that players have no doubts about the fairness of the game Aviator, we decided to tell you what the algorithm of the game Aviator. The algorithms of the online game Aviator are made on the full randomness, thanks to which you can not affect the outcome of your bet. In addition, the developers of the game made available game history in which you can clearly see the branch of the winning players. This will give you a full understanding and make sure the honesty of the Aviator Crash Game.

Aviator – How to Win

The first question that beginners have to ask themselves is: How do I win in Aviator? The Aviator game can be played using tactics, both risky and less risky. Of course the best tactics in Aviator come with experience, or if you have an experienced friend who will share information with you about the best strategies and tactics in the game of Aviator.

Thanks to the fact that in Aviator you can place multiple bets per round, you can try out different ways and strategies in the game of Aviator. This will give you a better chance of winning at Aviator.


In Aviator there is an opportunity to put autoplay and automatic winning at the selected odds.

  • Autoplay – thanks to this function you can specify the number of rounds for the autoplay and the bet amount for each round. But in this mode only the automatic game will start, and you will have to follow the winnings by yourself.
  • Automatic collection of winnings – this function is responsible for the automatic pressing of the button “Take away” during the game. For this purpose it is necessary to specify the necessary coefficient at which the button “Take away” will be triggered automatically.

Maximum and minimum winnings in Aviator

In Aviator, as in most other cash games, there are limitations on winnings. The maximum odds in Aviator are x100 and the minimum odds are 0.1. Of course the probability of falling out the maximum value is quite low, but so is the fallout of the minimum value. But you should not forget about these values and be prepared for any scenario during the game for money in the online game Aviator.

Maximum and minimum winnings

Chat game

One of the most interesting features of the game Aviator is a chat room in which you can communicate with other players while playing Aviator. Chat is on the right side of the game screen. It allows all registered players to communicate. It is an interesting innovation because chat allows players to tell their strategies, tactics and schemes of winnings in Aviator. And also share their experiences and tips with new players. But more enjoyable is that there is an opportunity to find friends with the same gambling interests. So we can safely say that the online game Aviator brings people together.

Play Aviator at 1win

Start your game at one of the most popular casinos in the world. Aviator at 1Win Casino is one of the most popular games. Anyone can start playing Aviator right after registering. Registering with 1Win will only take you two clicks, which is only 10 seconds of your time. After that, you can start playing Aviator for real money.

For new players, 1Win Casino gives a lot of welcome gifts – these are freespins, deposit bonuses and more. Right away you will get 500% on your first deposit and 50 free spins. Also get bonuses for downloading the 1Win mobile app to your phone. And get a promo code in Aviator at 1Win from our portal. Enter promo code AVIATORLIVE and get extra bonuses right after registration.

Play Aviator in Pin-Up

Pin Up Casino has been offering its users to play Aviator for a long time. Aviator game by Spribe is on the list of the most popular games among all the games available at Pin-Up Casino. Make a quick and easy casino registration, make a deposit and start playing Aviator at Pin-Up Online Casino.

PinUp casino gives its players 100% on their first deposit and 30 freespins right after registration. But this is not the end of the gifts in the gambling establishment. To all regular players PinUp club gives daily bonuses, as well as will give a no deposit bonus in Aviator for downloading the mobile app.

Play Aviator at VAVADA

Online casino VAVADA is one of the top online casinos for real money to play Aviator. At VAVADA online casino you can start playing Aviator by registering. Registration at Vavada takes only a minute of your time. It is enough to fill in your mailbox, password and specify the currency in which you will play. After that you will have to make a deposit to the casino and go to the game Aviator.

Vawada Gaming Club gives all new users 100% and 100 free spins right after registration. At the same time, the gambling establishment generously rewards its regular players with no deposit bonuses and regular tournaments in which you get real money.

Aviator player reviews

The game Aviator already has a huge number of positive reviews of real players from around the world. After all, the online game Aviator was able to conquer the hearts of almost the entire world gambling market in a very short period of time and is one of the top games for money in casinos. Start playing right now in Aviator for money and make a profit on your balance.

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